James John Onak charged with DWI in connection with body in windshield accident

45-year old James John Onak has been charged with felony failure to stop and render aid and also driving while intoxicated in connection with a pedestrian accident Tuesday morning. Onak’s black-colored Mazda 626 car struck pedestrian Fadel Steadman, age 32, severing Fadel’s leg and propelling him through the windshield of the Mazda and into the passenger seat. Rather than stop however Onak drove another 3 miles, stopping when he was pulled over by Deputy Constable Paul Armand because Onak did not have his headlights on. It is believe Fidel had pulled his Ford Explorer over onto the shoulder lane when he experienced car trouble. Onak purportedly told the deputy Constable that he thought he hit something on the freeway but was unaware of the body in his front seat.

This accident is reminiscent of an October 26, 2001 crash in Fort Worth when Chante Mallard struck a 37-year old homeless man with her car, lodging him in the windshield: Mallard drove her car home and parked it in the garage, the homeless man died two days later.

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