Pedestrian whose car broke down killed walking along Gulf Freeway

The southbound lanes of Houston’s Gulf Freeway (I-45) were shut down for a few hours this morning after a deadly collision involving a car and a pedestrian. The pedestrian was hit on the freeway at around 1:00am, but the car that hit him was found a couple of miles away from where the collision occurred with the pedestrian‘s body in the car that hit him. Witnesses saw the male car driver strike the pedestrian. The pedestrian was wearing a fast food uniform of some sort and was apparently walking on the shoulder of the freeway after his car broke down. The collision was apparently very severe and the pedestrian was almost certainly killed instantly: his leg was severed in the initial impact and the leg was found at the scene of the original collision. The car kept going and ended up at Beamer near Kirkvalley. A Precinct 8 Constable pulled over the driver and arrested him: part of the pedestrian’s body was still in the windshield of the car. ABC Channel 13 story here. The Houston Chronicle’s story is here, and according to the Chronicle’s report the pedestrian was trying to cross the freeway at the time of the collision. KHOU’s story is here, and states the pedestrian victim was walking along the shoulder, not crossing the freeway.