Juana Lopez Perez killed in bus wreck on Houston to Rio Grande trip

Disaster struck last night when one woman was killed and 21 other people were injured in a bus wreck on US 77 just outside Victoria, Texas. The bus was traveling from Houston to the Rio Grande. Ms. Juana Lopez Perez, aged 53, was killed in the two vehicle collision which happened near Fleming Prairie Road about 9:00pm on Wednesday May 11, 2011. According to police, the 21 people on the bus were transported to area hospital where the majority of them were treated and released. The bus, which was operated by Valley Transit Company, was heading southbound on US 77 when the driver when the driver of a Chevy S-10 pickup truck pulled into the highway from a side road and hit the bus. DPS Trooper Gerald Bryant said that Juana Lopez Perez was sitting in a passenger seat toward the front of the bus and near the door. Ms. Perez, who was from Matamoros, boarded the bus in Houston, was going to Corpus Christi and from there on the McAllen. She was traveling alone at the time. The pickup truck driver was issued a citation for failing to yield the right-of-way to the bus while exiting the side road.

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