Two motorcyclists killed in crash with pickup truck in Cut and Shoot

Here is a link to a video report from Channel 2 news about this terrible accident. Wet weather is being partly blamed for a “chain reaction” style collision in Cut and Shoot, Montgomery County, that has left two motorcyclists dead. The bikers were hit by a Ford F150 pickup truck while riding with a larger group of motorcyclists near State Highway 105 near Willis Waukegan Road. The DPS investigation is ongoing. The video report indicates that one accident happened then when others tried to stop they were unable to because of the wet roads and slammed into one another. One of the riders involved in the crash said he was from San Angelo and on his way to a state motorcycle rally in Beaumont at the time of the wreck. A rider named Gary Cox who was interviewed said the car in front of him stopped for no reason, and when he attempted to brake he ultimately wound up in a ditch after trying to correct a slide a couple of times.

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