14-year old boy dies in joyride car accident in Houston

Channel 2 News is reporting the death of a 14-year old boy in what appears to be a high-speed joyride taken early in the morning on Friday May 13, 2011. The single car crash happened on Valley View Lane and Mahoning Drive in southwest Houston at about 12:30am. Investigators say there were at least five people in the car at the time it crashed into the tree. The name of the deceased 14-year old driver has not been released. Private vehicles were used to take two 16-year old boys, and two girls one of whom was aged 14 to area hospitals. According to police the 14-year old took his brother’s Honda Civic: the brother noticed the keys were missing and shortly afterward was made aware of the wreck by a teenager who knocked on the family’s door. Police believe the car wreck happened because the driver was traveling at high speed and because of his inexperience.  A video report on the incident is here.