Woman dies in fiery crash on Houston’s 610 East Loop – suspect flees

Channel 13 News is reporting a terrible car accident that happened last night resulting the death of a woman. The crash happened around 1:30am on the East 610 Loop in Houston at the Ship Channel Bridge. Police say that a man behind the wheel of a dark blue colored Infiniti G35 sedan was was driving erratically on the southbound loop. At the top of the bridge the Infiniti slammed into the back of a Chevrolet Impala sedan that had a male and female occupant. The severe crash caused a rupture in the Chevy’s fuel tank resulting in the vehicle bursting into flames. The male driver was able to get out of the vehicle and attempted to rescue his sister-in-law but the flames were too severe: tragically the woman died in the burning vehicle. The man was taken to an area hospital with burns and other injuries. By the time investigators arrived the suspect who is alleged to have caused the crash was already gone. According to witnesses, the man called some people to come and pick him up. The man had asked a witness for a ride to leave the scene but the witness refused: the man was last seen running southbound on the freeway. Anyone with information should immediately call the Houston Police Department. The Channel 13 video report appears to show paper or temporary tags on the Infiniti indicating it may have been recently purchased. The fact that the driver of the Infiniti fled the scene would certainly imply that alcohol was a factor in a crash.