METRO bus accident on Antoine sends 9 people to hospital

After a multi-vehicle accident that involved a METRO bus yesterday morning, nine people were hospitalized. Police say that traffic was backed up when METRO bus number 5891 crashed into other vehicles at around 9am. The location of the accident was the 3100 block of Antoine in northwest Houston. Bus passenger Chris Tidwell told Channel 11 News that the METRO bus accelerated and hit the car in front. Wilfred Wilkins, another passenger, said the car that the bus hit lifted off the ground and partially came through the windshield of the bus, then that car swerved away from the bus striking two more vehicles. Wilkins injured his wrist during the collision and said the scene was chaotic because the bus passengers did not know what was happening. In total, the bus and ten other vehicles were damaged. One accident witness, Wilhemina Ellison said the driver of the METRO bus was not to blame because a car cut in front of the bus, and the driver reacted to avoid it. Officials said seven people on the METRO bus were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, and two people from the other vehicles involved. METRO has said the bus driver will be taken off the road until METRO‘s investigation of the accident is completed.

Vehicle damaged in the May 1, 2012 METRO bus accident on Antoine

METRO bus number 5891 was involved in the crash

Several vehicles sustained heavy damage in the bus crash

One of nine injured people is placed in an ambulance

Channel 11 News interviews bus passenger Chris Tidwell

Bus passenger Wilfred Wilkins injured his wrist in the METRO bus crash

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