Motorcyclist killed in collision with pickup truck on South Wayside in Houston

45-year old motorcyclist Richard Hernandez was killed this morning while on his way to work when his motorcycle collided with a Dodge pickup truck. A Houston Police Department spokesman said Mr. Hernandez was riding his motorcycle southbound in the 3000 block of South Wayside when he clipped the rear of the pickup, which was headed northbound as the female driver of the pickup was making a left turn onto Brock. Apparently Mr. Hernandez received severe lacerations, probably from the truck’s trailer hitch or muffler. A good Samaritan who was driving by stopped and tried to help, using a t-shirt in an attempt to stem the flow of blood. The HPD spokesman said the pickup driver’s view of traffic approaching may have been blocked by high brush in the median of South Wayside. Mr. Hernandez was not wearing a motorcycle helmet.

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