4 vehicle accident on Almeda Road in Houston injures HPD Officer

ABC Channel 13 eyewitness news is reporting a 4 vehicle car accident on Almeda Road this morning. An HPD officer responding to a call in midtown was involved in the wreck. The crash happened at around 10:00 AM near the intersection of Almeda Road and Alabama. The HPD officer was responding to a call with lights and sirens operating when an SUV t-boned the police cruiser and pushed it into oncoming traffic. The cruiser was then struck by a second vehicle and it spun into a pole, at which point the SUV then hit another vehicle. Two people were transported to hospital, including the HPD officer. It was not clear if anyone would be cited for the collision. Law enforcement is a dangerous profession: police officers spend a large part of their working lives in motor vehicles and are frequently called upon to respond to emergency calls at high speeds in heavy traffic conditions. A read back through Smith & Hassler’s blog archive has many references to serious motor vehicle accidents involving police officers.

HPD officer and a civilian were injured in a 4 vehicle wreck on Almeda Road on April 9, 2011

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