Woman driving Toyota RAV4 dies in crash on US290 near West Road

Channel 11 News is reporting that a woman was killed in a two-car accident at approximately 2:30am Monday April 11, 2011. The woman was driving on Highway 290 near West Road in a Toyota RAV4 SUV when she collided with the rear of a Chevrolet pickup truck that was apparently stopped in a center travel lane. The woman died as a result of her injuries, despite the assistance of a passing truck driver who stopped to help. The two men had to be cut out of the pickup truck and transported to hospital. Click2Houston.com has a video story covering the accident; in the video the reporter makes reference to law enforcement investigating a box found on the freeway near the pickup truck: the box contained alcohol and law enforcement officers think the box may be the reason the truck was stopped in a travel lane.

A woman driving a Toyota RAV4 was killed in a rear end collision with a pickup stopped in a travel lane

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