One person hurt in Houston 18-wheeler accident

ABC Local News 13 is reporting that one person was injured last night when an 18-wheeler crashed into a car. The collision happened at the intersection of Westgreen and Park Row in West Harris County. Deputies say a car pulled out in front of the 18-wheeler at the intersection, and the 18-wheeler veered off the road and hit a chain link fence. Because the fuel tank ruptured on the big rig, a hazmat crew was called on to clean up the accident scene.

Fortunately it sounds like this incident did not result in serious injuries. Sadly serious injury, and sometimes death, are the result of 18-wheeler versus car accidents largely due to the size and weight difference between the vehicles. Being hit from behind at 50MPH by a vehicle similar in size and weight to the stopped vehicle is bad enough, so when the rear vehicle outweighs the stopped vehicle more than 10-to-1, the potential for injury is very high. The U.S. Department of Transportation establishes size and weight limits for trucks and trailers assembled in the U.S., the current weight limit is 80,000lbs but individual states have the right to issue temporary oversize or overweight permits. If you have been seriously injured in an 18-wheeler accident, contact the Houston personal injury lawyers at Smith & Hassler for a free consultation.