Tahoe driver sought in fatal hit-and-run of cyclist Harold Williams

Police are looking for the driver of a champagne-colored Chevrolet Tahoe involved in a collision with 67-year old Harold Williams, who died in hospital of his injuries this past Sunday. The collision between the Tahoe and a bicycle happened just south of downtown two weeks ago when Mr. Williams, who liked to ride his bike and even ran in marathons, left his home to ride to a nearby Walgreens. It was on the way home while crossing the busy intersection of Southmore and Highway 288 that the champagne-colored Chevy Tahoe hit Mr. Williams.

Eyewitness Tina Betts was driving behind the Tahoe that hit Mr. Williams. Realizing the accident was serious, Ms. Betts called 911 and remained on the scene to render aid. The woman driving the Tahoe stayed on the scene also, along with her young daughter who was riding with her. With all the attention focused on the injured Mr. Williams nobody thought to get the license plate of the Tahoe. The driver then told the witness and some bystanders that she had to leave to follow the ambulance to whatever hospital Mr. Williams was being taken to. Unfortunately that didn’t happen: the Tahoe driver just drove away and has not been heard from since.  13-days after the accident Mr. Williams died in hospital from his injuries. The Tahoe driver is facing serious criminal charges, including failure to stop and render aid.

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Fortunately terrible bicycle accidents like this one are not common, but when they happen usually result is very serious injury to the bicyclist.