Pregnant woman fatally struck by SUV in Houston medical center

Houston police are investigating a fatal pedestrian accident that occurred yesterday morning in the Houston medical center. Jennifer Young, 30, was struck and killed by an Acura MDX as she was crossing the street. Jennifer was seven-months pregnant at the time.  She was rushed to Memorial Hermann hospital where doctors performed an emergency c-section to save her baby: the baby remains in critical condition. After the baby was delivered, Jennifer was pronounced dead.  According to Channel 11’s story, police say that Jennifer was crossing the street in the 6300 block of Main Street around 9:20am: police said the Acura had the green light and was proceeding southbound when the vehicle next to the Acura stopped, presumably to allow Jennifer to cross.  The Acura did not stop however, and struck Jennifer. The driver of the Acura was questioned at the scene and released.  Channel 2’s story is here.

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