North Eldridge Parkway car accident claims three lives

car accident claimed three lives in west Houston yesterday when a Ford Mustang and Toyota Corolla collided on North Eldridge Parkway just north of the Katy FreewayChannel 2 quotes police as saying that the blue colored Mustang was traveling on North Eldridge when the car hit a patch of water causing the driver to lose control. The Mustang was then t-boned by a Toyota Corolla coming from the opposite direction: the Mustang driver was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Corolla and a passenger were rushed to the hospital where they later died: the names of the people who died have not been released. Channel 13’s report of the accident states that a third vehicle, a pickup truck, was also involved in the collision, and that a fourth person involved was hospitalized.

Three people were killed in a collision between a Ford Mustang and Toyota Corolla on North Eldridge Parkway

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