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Speeding BMW crashes into pick on West Bellfort in Houston killing driver

A speeding silver BMW sedan crashed into a Ford pickup truck in the 12000 block of West Bellfort in Houston 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning, injuring five people in the truck and ejecting and killing the driver of the BMW. Investigators from HPD suspect the BMW driver was intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol: he was wearing several club bracelets and had an odor of alcohol on his body. Two adults and three children were in the pickup truck and they were all transported to the emergency room; the children ranged in age from 10 to 14 years.

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Damage to the pickup carrying a family of five

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The driver of this BMW was ejected and killed

Driver arrested after Gulf Freeway rear end accident

A man was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk after a three vehicle accident early this morning.  Around 1:30 a.m. a Chevrolet Tahoe traveling northbound on the Gulf Freeway struck the driver’s side rear of a silver BMW 3-series, causing the BMW to then hit a third vehicle.  The back of the BMW shows extensive damage.

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The driver of this Tahoe was arrested

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Occupants of this BMW were injured

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Tyler Schlegel charged in alleged street racing accident in The Woodlands

Tyler Schlegel (17) is facing charges of evading arrest, racing on a highway causing serious bodily injury and accident causing serious bodily injury after police say the teen engaged another driver in a drag race that turned into a serious car accident.

KHOU reports the teens had just left a movie (ironically, the movie was Need for Speed) when Schlegel, driving a 2014 Ford Mustang, and another unnamed teen driving a white-colored BMW 3-series sedan, began racing on Gosling Road in The Woodlands. At some point the two vehicles made contact, causing the BMW to lose control and leave the roadway, hitting an Entergy electrical box and then a tree. Carlos Cardoza, a passenger in the BMW, was able to extract himself from the passenger seat of the wrecked Mustang and run to a nearby Shell gas station for help.

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BMW wrecked in the accident

Schlegel allegedly fled the scene of the crash and parked his Mustang at a nearby fast food restaurant then returned on foot, where he was identified by bystanders as the other driver. Apparently Schlegel then took off on foot when approached by officers, but was apprehended after a brief foot chase.  Cardoza reportedly suffered an arm injury, the condition of the driver of the BMW (who had to be cut from the car) was not reported.

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Tyler Schlegel's 2014 Ford Mustang

River Oaks restaurant valet in BMW involved in fatal motorcycle accident

Sergeant Cedrick Nickerson with Houston Police Department told a reporter for Channel 13 News that it appears a restaurant valet driving a BMW made an error in judgment when he changed lanes across the path of a motorcyclist, killing the rider. The crash happened near the as yet unidentified restaurant in River Oaks at Westheimer Road and Virginia Street around 11:30 p.m. The restaurant valet, driving a BMW, and motorcyclist were heading the same direction on Westheimer.  It appears the valet attempted a right turn onto Virginia from the inside lane (the lane nearest the center of the roadway), cutting off the motorcyclist’s right-of-way.  When the bike couldn’t stop in the time, the vehicles collided. Sadly although the motorcyclist was rushed to the emergency room, he was pronounced dead when he arrived.

Fatal motorcycle accident restaurant valet BMW Westheimer River Oaks

BMW runs red light, hits taxi on Westheimer

Police say a BMW ran a red light at the intersection of Westheimer and the West 610 Loop before crashing into a taxi and an SUV.  Two women were riding in the BMW; police do not suspect alcohol was involved. One injured person was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

BMW taxi accident Westheimer Houston

Photo credit: Channel 2 News Houston

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Allegedly drunk BMW driver causes head on accident near The Galleria

An allegedly drunkwrong way driver caused a head-on crash on West Alabama in Houston near The Galleria early Sunday morning. Around 1:30 a.m. a woman driving her BMW the wrong way on West Alabama crashed into another BMW. Three victims of the crash in the second BMW (i.e. the one that was driving safely) were taken to hospital: one of them was a child according to Channel 2’s report. The wrong-way driver was arrested at the scene and charged with drunk driving.

drunk driver in bmw head on crash near The Galleria

Photo credit: Channel 2 Houston

BMW driver charged with DWI after fatal pedestrian accident

Houston Police Department believes a BMW driver was drunk when he fatally struck a pedestrian around 3:20 a.m. Saturday morning near Blalock Road and Long Point Road. The 38-year old BMW driver said he did not see the pedestrian until the man walked out in front of him. The pedestrian was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he later died. The BMW driver was charged with driving while intoxicated. In a separate incident, a Ford Taurus with two occupants crashed into the back of a HPD cruiser that was investigating the pedestrian accident with the BMW. Officer A. Vo who was sitting in the cruiser was taken to hospital with minor injuries: it is not though alcohol was the cause of the second accident.