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Blisha Marrie Puga charged in fatal drunk driving accident

35-year old Pasadena resident Blisha Marrie Puga, pictured below, has been charged with intoxication manslaughter for a fatal car accident 5:15 a.m. Sunday. The wreck happened in the northbound lanes of Houston’s Gulf Freeway near Broadway Street. KHOU’s report says witnesses saw Puga’s Saab swerve and hit a Ford Taurus ; a woman in the Taurus was pronounced dead at the scene, and Puga admitted to police that she had been drinking before the crash. A person of the same name was arrested in late 2012 by Houston Police Department and charged with driver’s license and auto insurance offenses.

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Blisha Marrie Puga appearing in court

Crash with suspected drunk driver claims life of unborn child

Ashton Craven, 38, has been identified as the suspected drunk driver involved in a two vehicle accident in Houston that injured a pregnant woman and claimed the life of her unborn child. The accident happened the afternoon of Saturday May 12, 2012: witnesses say Ashton Craven, driving a green-colored Ford Taurus, ran a stop sign around 1:10 pm while driving on Bataan at Jutland in south Houston. The Taurus crashed into the pregnant lady’s Toyota Corolla that was traveling on Jutland. The woman was rushed to Memorial Herman in the Medical Center, and it was determined her unborn child had died as a result of the crash. Ashton Craven was taken to Ben Taub by paramedics: the District Attorney’s office may upgrade Craven’s charges to intoxication manslaughter. The Houston Chronicle’s story is here.