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14-year old killed in head on crash on Central Street in Houston

A head-on collision on Central Street in Houston has left a 14-year old boy dead and a 17-year old boy charged with driving while intoxicated. The 14-year old was sitting in the front passenger seat of pickup truck westbound on Central near Lawndale; an eastbound minivan began drifting over the center lane into oncoming traffic, and the driver attempted to correct back into his lane. The 17-year old driver of the pickup truck had already begun to react and was trying to go around the minivan when the head-on crash occurred. The 17-year old driving the pickup was charged with driving while intoxicated, though it does not appear he was responsible for the crash.

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Photo credit: Ch 2 News

Head-on crash on FM 1960 near Artesian Way – elderly man killed

Police believe speeding contributed to a  four vehicle accident on FM 1960 near Arestian Road that seriously injured several and killed and killed an elderly driver. Leo Anders with HCSO said that witnesses reported a white-colored Chevy Silverado pickup truck veered into oncoming traffic, striking three other vehicles including a red minivan, a green Jeep and a gray pickup truck. The Jeep rolled onto its side in a ditch.  The elderly driver of the gray pickup truck did not survive the accident: his truck and the white Silverado crashed head-on. Investigators think speed contributed to the accident, but not alcohol. Four people were transported from the accident scene, two by ground ambulance and two by air ambulance.

Photo credit: Channel 2 Houston

Deputies hit head-on by Chevy pickup on Highway 6 at Little York

Two Harris County Deputies and a person they were providing courtesy transportation were hit head on in a car accident last night at Little York and Highway 6. Two patrol vehicles were stopped at a light in a turn lane facing northbound on Highway 6. A full-size Chevy pickup truck heading southbound on Highway 6 crashed into the front of the first patrol vehicle, pushing it backwards into the second patrol unit. Apparently this was a major impact: one of the patrol units was pushed back 28 feet from the point of impact.

The driver of the pickup truck was a 16-year old male that police believe was driving under the influence of synthetic marijuana. He will be given a mandatory blood draw at the hospital. With him in the vehicle was another person who allegedly asked the 16-year old to drive because the passenger was too intoxicated. Another passenger was a female runaway whose parents came to collect her. The deputy sheriff in the first vehicle hit was transported to hospital with a wrist injury (probably from the airbag) and bruising. ABC Channel 13’s story is here, and includes video.

If the 16-year old was unlicensed and/or intoxicated at the time of the crash, the passenger who asked the 16-year old to drive would probably be liable to the injured deputy for what is called negligent entrustment. That is when a person knowingly entrusts their vehicle to a person who is an unlicensed, incompetent or reckless driver, and the negligence of the person entrusted with the vehicle results in injury to a third party.

The injured deputy's wrecked patrol vehicle

A 16-year old crashed this Chevy pickup into the police car

Head-on accident on FM 1488 kills one and injures two

A head-on crash on FM 1488 in Montgomery County has left one woman and her pet dog dead and another woman and her three year old daughter injured. Taylor Harris, 20, was driving her Ford Focus car westbound on FM 1488 when, for a reason that’s not known, she cross the center turn lane and crashed head-on into Melanie Sangil‘s Nissan Armada SUV, heading eastbound. Harris was killed in the accident, as was her pet dog. Melanie Sangil and her 3-year old daughter were taken to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition. The crash happened around 5:15 p.m. on FM 1488 near Peoples Road. Channel 2’s story is here. The Montgomery County Police Reporter story is here, including video and photographs. Both women are reported to be from Conroe.

Head-on pickup truck collision on FM 2100 in Huffman kills two

Channel 13 News is reporting a head-on collision between pickup trucks that resulted in two fatalities.  The accident happened after 6:00 a.m. this morning on FM 2100 near Afton Way in Huffman, Texas. Channel 13 said at least one person was taken from the scene by life flight helicopter.  FM 2100 was closed as authorities investigated the cause of the crash.  The accident involved two white-colored pickup trucks, one a Toyota Tundra, the other a Dodge Ram.  Both trucks sustained extremely severe front-end damage, which is typical for a moderate to high-speed head-on crash.

Dodge Ram pickup involved in this morning's head-on collision

Toyota Tundra pickup truck involved in this morning's collision

Head-on wreck on Parker Road at Bretshire hospitalizes four people

A driver’s failure to take account of standing water on a roadway appears to have been the cause of a two car head-on crash yesterday. At around 9:15 p.m. firefighters were called to Parker Road at Bretshire Road to pry a woman out of her red Dodge car. Police say the Dodge driver failed to notice water covering the roadway as she drove eastbound: she lost control of her car and slid into the westbound lane, striking a blue-colored car head-on. The four adults taken to the hospital were in stable condition. Channel 2’s report is here. Channel 13’s story is here (note this article shows two different vehicles from the Channel 2 story).

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Channel 2's picture of a vehicle involved

Channel 13's picture of the vehicles involved