Teen driver killed and passenger hurt in crash on Clear Lake City Blvd

A 19-year old driver was killed early this morning in a crash that police believe resulted from speeds around 90 miles per hour.  The accident happened on Clear Lake City Boulevard near Whitlock at around 2:30 a.m.  Houston Police Department officers arrived on scene to find the driver and a passenger critically hurt: the driver was pronounced dead and the passenger was transported to the emergency room with a broken leg.  While the investigation is ongoing, investigators impression is that the driver was speeding eastbound when the pickup hit a curb and left the roadway, crashing into a group of trees. This is a tragic example of the danger posed by high speed driving: excessive speed can turn what might otherwise have been a survivable accident into a fatality by increasing vehicle damage and the physical forces on the occupants of the vehicle. Channel 13’s report is here.

Officer work the accident scene on Clear Lake City Blvd.

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