Wreck at Westheimer and Fountainview – alcohol may be a factor

A two car wreck happened last night at the intersection of Westheimer and Fountainview in southwest Houston. Firefighters had to cut out one the drivers out of his vehicle before transporting him to the hospital. Police reportedly said this driver smelled of alcohol and ran a red light, causing the collision. It was reported the occupants of the other car were not hurt, but “not hurt” often means they were able to get out of their vehicles and move around at the scene, and not everyone who is able to walk after an accident is totally uninjured. Here is Channel 13 Eyewitness News’ brief report on the crash.

Channel 11 News also reported on the same crash, only Channel 11’s report indicates that the vehicle struck by the suspected drunk driver was  Honda Odyssey minivan occupied by two adults and two small children. The same report also states the suspected drunk was driving a Honda Civic car.

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