Four-year old in serious condition after near drowning at Pine Lakes Apartments

Channel 13 Eyewitness News is reporting that a 4-year old boy narrowly escaped drowning when he slipped away from his mother and fell into a swimming pool at Pine Lakes apartments in North Houston on Greens Parkway near Sharmon. The little boy’s mom discovered him under the water, and when he was pulled out rescuers were able to resuscitate him. He was transported to hospital where he is in serious condition.’s report of the incident is available here and states the incident happened around 11:00pm when the mother was swimming and playing with her three children. When they had finished playing the mother took two of the children inside and had assumed the 4-year old has also gone inside with his aunt. She was unable to see that the 4-year old was in the pool because the water was discolored and the little boy has sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Ideally swimming pools are properly secured with a childproof fence and gate, whether it is a pool at a private residence or a shared pool at an apartment complex or fitness center. Swimming pools should also have rescue equipment on hand at all times, such as flotation devices or a pole that could be used by a non-swimmer to assist someone who has fallen in and needs help. Persons or businesses who control the pool area should make sure the pool and equipment are properly maintained, that warning signs are in place and that the pool does not pose a danger to those around it, particularly to children. If you live in a shared housing unit such as an apartment or condominium complex and you believe there are defects or dangers with the pool, you should notify building management right away, ideally in writing or by email. Discolored pool water poses a number of dangers, including an inability to see how deep the water is which may injure someone diving or jumping into the pool, and also the danger that some who falls into the pool cannot be seen.