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Accident on Airline Drive near West Hambrick kills two

Two were killed and three injured in a chain reaction wreck around 8:00 p.m. last night in the 10600 block of Airline Drive near West Hambrick Road. According to deputies a female pedestrian was fatally struck as she walked down the street. The driver of a pickup truck swerved to avoid a second pedestrian, causing the truck to collide head-on with another truck heading south on Airline. A female passenger in the southbound vehicle was killed in the collision. According to Channel 11’s video report, a body was lodged in the windshield of one of the vehicles. Channel 2’s coverage of the accident. Channel 11’s report. Channel 13’s accident report. Houston Chronicle’s story.

Vehicle involved in last night's double fatality crash

Victim's friend Jordan Lewis is interviewed by Channel 11 News

Car lands on woman sleeping inside her Airline Drive home

Police suspect drunk driving may be the reason why a car left the southbound lanes of Airline Drive, bounced off a phone pole and pickup truck before plowing into a mobile home, landing atop a woman sleeping in her bed. Harris County Sheriff’s Office say the red car was traveling at a high rate of speed before it crashed in the 9200 block of Airline Drive around midnight. Amazingly the woman was transported to hospital in relatively good condition, save for some burns from the hot car. The driver of the car made an attempt to flee the accident scene on foot but witnesses held him down until police arrived. Read Channel 11’s report here. Channel 13’s report is here.

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