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Truck rear ends ambulance injuring two paramedics

Paramedics were treating a patient early Saturday morning when a truck slammed into the back of their ambulance on the North Freeway feeder road in Houston.  The truck driver and the paramedics’ patient (a dancer from Fantasy Plaza) were not injured in the crash; the two paramedics were taken to hospital in stable condition. While HPD were clearing the accident scene, traffic backed up on the opposite side of the freeway. A motorcycle rider approaching the stalled traffic was unable to stop in time and lost control of his motorbike before hitting a retaining wall. Two cars traveling behind the motorcycle then ran over the downed rider: one driver stopped and waited for police, the other kept going. The ambulance crashed happened around 2:30 a.m.

Suspected drunk driver runs red light, flips HFD ambulance

A suspected drunk driver in a Chevy Suburban ran a red light last night at Cook Road and Bellaire Boulevard, crashing into a HFD ambulance, causing the ambulance to flip onto its side. Two paramedics and a six month old baby riding in the Suburban were injured in the accident. At the time of the accident, around 12:30 p.m., the ambulance was not on a call and was returning to base. The man driving the Suburban faces a felony DWI charge because of the age of his passenger.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News Houston

Photo credit: Channel 13 News Houston

Alleged drunk driver dies after crashing into HFD ambulance

A speeding driver who is suspected of driving drunk died in an accident early this morning when he crashed into the rear of a Houston Fire Department ambulance that was stopped on Kempwood Drive at Ryson Street to pick up a patient. Two paramedics were getting out of the ambulance when they heard screeching tires.  They then saw a young man driving a white-colored Nissan Altima approaching at an estimated speed of 80MPH, in a residential area no less.  One of the paramedics was able to react quickly enough to jump clear before the collision, but the other jumped back into the driver’s seat before the Altima struck the ambulance. That paramedic was transported to the hospital for observation. The driver of the Nissan Altima had to be rescued by Houston Fire Department because he was trapped inside his severely damaged car: he was rushed to Ben Taub hospital but did not survive. The driver has been identified as 21-year old David Lopez. Police said drunk driving was definitely a factor in causing the accident.  Channel 11’s story is here. Channel 2’s story is here. Channel 13’s story is here. FOX News’ story is here. The Houston Chronicle’s story is here.

A paramedic working on this ambulance was taken to the hospital for observation

This white Nissan Altima was thought to be traveling at 80MPH in a residential area before the crash

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