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7 car accident on North Freeway at Gulf Bank

A major car accident on Houston North Freeway totaled several cars last night and sent a number of people to the hospital. According to KHOU’s reporter at around 11:30 p.m. a blue-colored Toyota Scion was stopped in the travel lanes, occupied by two men. An SUV approaching from behind was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the Scion. The freeway was closed down as emergency crews worked the accident, which of course caused traffic to back up and that resulted in another accident at West Mount Houston, when an SUV driver didn’t see the stopped traffic until it was too late, hitting the divider wall and several vehicles. A woman was extracted from a seriously damaged Toyota (pictured below); fortunately her injuries were not life-threatening.

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A woman was cut from this Toyota by the fire dept.

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Injured driver

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SUV damaged in last nights chain reaction accident

METRO police officer’s foot run over by alleged drunk driver

A METRO police officer’s foot was run over on Sunday by a DWI suspect. The incident happened on the North Freeway (Interstate 45) at the W. Little York exit. The female officer was directing traffic when a driver traveling over 60 MPH hit a plastic construction barrel. When the officer tried to stop the vehicle, the driver ran over her foot.  A brief chase followed but the driver was quickly stopped and taken into custody.  The man, who was found to be highly intoxicated, has been charged with intoxication assault. The officer was treated at Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital and is expected to recover.

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The alleged drunk driver in police custody

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Tahoe and 18-wheeler collide on Interstate 45 North in Houston

An 18-wheeler and a Chevy Tahoe SUV collided in an accident this morning on the North Freeway (Interstate 45 North) near Tidwell around 4:30 a.m.  Three of the four travel lanes were blocked due to the accident, and police closed all lanes to remove the 18-wheeler.  One person in the SUV was injured and transported to hospital.

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Truck rear ends ambulance injuring two paramedics

Paramedics were treating a patient early Saturday morning when a truck slammed into the back of their ambulance on the North Freeway feeder road in Houston.  The truck driver and the paramedics’ patient (a dancer from Fantasy Plaza) were not injured in the crash; the two paramedics were taken to hospital in stable condition. While HPD were clearing the accident scene, traffic backed up on the opposite side of the freeway. A motorcycle rider approaching the stalled traffic was unable to stop in time and lost control of his motorbike before hitting a retaining wall. Two cars traveling behind the motorcycle then ran over the downed rider: one driver stopped and waited for police, the other kept going. The ambulance crashed happened around 2:30 a.m.

Suspected drunk driver in Tahoe hits police officer on North Freeway

A Houston police officer and a driver he pulled over were injured this morning when their vehicles were hit by a suspected drunk driver in a Chevy Tahoe. The accident happened at around 1:45 a.m. on the North Freeway (I-45 N) near Airline Drive. The officer was out of his vehicle and the police cruiser was parked behind a motorist the officer had just pulled over when the Tahoe came from behind and crashed into the police cruiser, propelling into into the officer and the stopped driver’s vehicle. The driver of the Tahoe was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and the officer and the other motorist were taken to the emergency room to be checked out. Channel 11’s story is here.

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Photo credit" KHOU Channel 11 News

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Photo credit: KHOU Channel 11 News

Emanuel Ramirez crashes into police car, charged with drunk driving

Emanuel Ramirez, 21, was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after he rear ended a HPD patrol car, totaling it. Police say Emanuel Ramirez was driving on the North Freeway Service Road near Burress when he tried to pass a larger vehicle before losing control of his vehicle and smashing into the passenger side rear of the police car. Ramirez then hit a light pole. The officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries where he was treated and released.
Emanuel Ramirez drunk driver rear end accident HPD patrol car

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Wrong way accident on Interstate 45 near Conroe kills 2

Interstate 45 at FM 1488 was shut down this morning after a double fatality wrong way accident. The DPS has confirmed that at least two people died in the crash which happened around 2:45am in the Conroe area. Investigators told Channel 13 News that a female driver in a pickup truck entered I-45 at Tamina Road heading the wrong way, north in the southbound lanes. A witness called 911 to report the driver and Shenandoah Police were on their way to intervene but could not get there in time to prevent the head-on accident. The pickup truck struck a car occupied by three teenagers, killing the car’s driver and front seat passenger and injuring the third teen in the back seat. The wrong-way driver was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, and so far has not been charged for the wreck. I-45 between Conroe and The Woodlands was expected to be shut down for some time. The Houston Chronicle’s story is here.

18-wheeler accident on Interstate 45 – car stuck under trailer

An accident involving an 18-wheeler and a passenger car shut down Interstate 45 (the North Freeway) at Gulf Bank today.  The accident was just before 1:00pm in the southbound lanes.  Media photographs show a light-colored sedan stuck under the middle of a C.R.England 18-wheeler trailer with major damage to the windshield and roof of the car.  The condition of the driver of the car and the cause of the accident was not reported. Channel 2’s story is here. Channel 11’s story is here. FOX News’ story is here.

Scene of today's 18-wheeler accident on southbound I-45 near Gulf Bank

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METRO bus accident on North Freeway may have involved drunk driver

Sunday February 19, 2012: five people were hospitalized after a crash involving a METRO bus on the North Freeeway. According to officials there was an initial collision around noon between a car and a truck; the car spun around and hit the METRO bus head-on. The truck veered off the freeway where it went into the parking lot of Northline Mall and struck several other vehicles. One witness who was in a van struck by the out of control truck, Kasandra Loera, reported seeing beer in the pickup truck. One bus passenger, two people in the car and two others were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries. The driver of the truck is being investigated for possible DWI. Channel 2’s coverage of the METRO bus accident is here. Channel 2’s story identifies the truck involved as a Dodge pickup and the car that spun out and collided with the bus as a Honda Accord. Channel 13’s coverage of the crash is here.