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Drunk driver crashes into HPD patrol car near Hermann Park

Police suspect a woman driving an Audi sedan was drunk when she crashed into a HPD patrol unit on Almeda Road near Hermann Park.  The officer was traveling northbound on Almeda when the Audi came towards the police car, driving on the wrong side of the road.  The officer swerved to avoid the collision, but the vehicles still made contact. It appears from the photographs that the Audi came to rest in a ditch.

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Woman handcuffed in police car ejected and killed in accident

A police officer was injured and a handcuffed female passenger in the police car was killed in a two vehicle accident early this morning in downtown Houston. The crash happened at the intersection of Chartres Street and Texas Street at around 3:35 a.m. when a red-colored Chevy Cobalt compact car driven by a 21-year old woman crashed into the side of the police car. The officer suffered minor injuries and was taken via EMS to the emergency room to be checked out. The woman who was handcuffed and detained in the police car was thrown out of the vehicle and died at the scene.

H.P.D. Sergeant Ignacia Izaguire told Channel 11 News that police department policy requires detainees be belted while they are being transported (which makes sense, because if they are handcuffed they can’t fasten their own seat belt). An investigation will be conducted to determine if that policy was followed by the 15-year veteran officer who was driving the police car. Typically police patrol units have a camera inside the car that records occupants riding in the back seat, so presumably a review of that camera footage will be a big part of the investigation. It is difficult to imagine how the detainee could have been completely ejected from the police car if she were properly seat belted. The woman had been taken into custody earlier in the evening on the grounds of Hobby Airport because she was determined to be a hazard to herself: she was being transported to a facility to sober up.

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Police car rear ended on Southwest Freeway

Police say a woman was speeding around 1:00 a.m. this morning when she slammed on her brakes, losing control of her Nissan car before striking a concrete barrier, spinning out then rear-ending a Houston Police Department patrol car. Both vehicles are totaled. The officer in the patrol car was watching for speeders at the time of the accident on the Southwest Freeway near Beltway 8. KHOU said neither the officer nor the driver of the Nissan were injured in the accident; the driver faces two traffic citations.

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Suspected drunk driver in Tahoe hits police officer on North Freeway

A Houston police officer and a driver he pulled over were injured this morning when their vehicles were hit by a suspected drunk driver in a Chevy Tahoe. The accident happened at around 1:45 a.m. on the North Freeway (I-45 N) near Airline Drive. The officer was out of his vehicle and the police cruiser was parked behind a motorist the officer had just pulled over when the Tahoe came from behind and crashed into the police cruiser, propelling into into the officer and the stopped driver’s vehicle. The driver of the Tahoe was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and the officer and the other motorist were taken to the emergency room to be checked out. Channel 11’s story is here.

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Police officer hurt when patrol car rear ended by SUV on Highway 290

Late Thursday night an SUV rear-ended a HPD patrol unit that was stopped with its emergency lights activated on Highway 290 near Pinemont.  The truck of the police car is crushed all the way to the base of the rear window, which suggests a very significant impact given the size of the trunk on a Ford Crown Victoria. At the time of the accident the officer was sitting in the police car and was blocking an exit ramp for a stranded driver. The police officer and the driver of the SUV were transported to the emergency room; according to Channel 2’s report police are now investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

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Emanuel Ramirez crashes into police car, charged with drunk driving

Emanuel Ramirez, 21, was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after he rear ended a HPD patrol car, totaling it. Police say Emanuel Ramirez was driving on the North Freeway Service Road near Burress when he tried to pass a larger vehicle before losing control of his vehicle and smashing into the passenger side rear of the police car. Ramirez then hit a light pole. The officer was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries where he was treated and released.
Emanuel Ramirez drunk driver rear end accident HPD patrol car

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Suspected drunk driver crashes into police car on Corporate Drive

A suspected drunk driver bought himself a trip to Harris County jail last night when he crashed his white-colored Chevrolet Tahoe into several over vehicles, including a marked Houston Police Department patrol unit. The Tahoe driver lost control of his SUV while driving on Corporate Drive in southwest Houston, striking two vehicles and the police car. According to Channel 13 there were no reports of any injuries in the accident; the driver was given filed sobriety tests and then charged with drunk driving.

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drunk driver crashes into police car on Corporate Drive Houston

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