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Passenger killed in single car accident on SW Freeway

A man riding as passenger in a speeding Honda Accord died in a violent crash last night. The wreck happened just past 9:00 p.m. on the southbound feeder road of U.S. 59 near Bissonnet. The Honda lost control and left the roadway, striking a light pole. The passenger in the car was pronounced dead at the hospital but the driver is expected to survive the crash. Police are investigating to see if drunk driving played a role in the wreck.

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The wrecked Honda Accord

Women trapped under 18 wheeler trailer on Southwest Freeway

Two women in a white-colored SUV were trapped in their vehicle yesterday after a collision involving an 18-wheeler. The accident happened on the Southwest Freeway near Buffalo Speedway. Houston Fire Department’s technical rescue team responded to release the entrapped women, both of whom were transported from the scene by ambulance.

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HFD’s technical rescue team removing an injured driver

3 killed in car accident on Southwest Freeway feeder

Early this morning a Chevrolet Suburban left the roadway on the Southwest Freeway feeder road, hitting a metal light pole and bursting into flames. Three occupants of the vehicle died in the crash. Police say the vehicle flipped over before hitting the pole near Sands Point Drive around 1:45 a.m. It appears that excessive speed was a factor in causing the crash.

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Man killed in accident involving USPS 18 wheeler

A 61-year old man driving an SUV was killed in a two-vehicle accident yesterday afternoon. According to the account witness Elizabeth Summerlin gave Channel 2 News Houston, the man’s SUV lost control after clipping the back of a United States Postal Service 18-wheeler, causing the SUV to lose control and flip onto its side. The SUV became wedged between the 18-wheeler and the concrete retaining wall, and the SUV became engulfed in flame. Good Samaritans stopped their vehicle, some using fire extinguishers, and tried to rescue the SUV driver. Unfortunately the man was unable to escape the burning SUV and he died at the scene. The crash happened on Houston’s Southwest Freeway near the Chimney Rock exit at around 3:00 p.m.

Update 1: the deceased SUV driver has been identified as Dan Winfrey. Mr. Winfrey’s sister Donna Griffin was interviewed by KHOU, stating her brother was on his way to collect his girlfriend from her workplace when the accident happened. Ms. Griffin told KHOU her brother was unfamiliar with the area and was using his cellphone to ask his girlfriend what exit he should take; reportedly Mr. Winfrey exclaimed “Oh God” and the phone went dead.

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Police car rear ended on Southwest Freeway

Police say a woman was speeding around 1:00 a.m. this morning when she slammed on her brakes, losing control of her Nissan car before striking a concrete barrier, spinning out then rear-ending a Houston Police Department patrol car. Both vehicles are totaled. The officer in the patrol car was watching for speeders at the time of the accident on the Southwest Freeway near Beltway 8. KHOU said neither the officer nor the driver of the Nissan were injured in the accident; the driver faces two traffic citations.

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Photo credit: KHOU

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Photo credit: KHOU

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Family hurt in major car accident on Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land

Two adults and three children were hospitalized after a serious car accident at 1:15 a.m. on the Southwest Freeway feeder at Grand Parkway in Sugar Land. According to Channel 11’s report a white Ford pickup truck crashed into the side of a small, black-colored Nissan hatchback traveling northbound on Grand Parkway. Life Flight was called for at least one patient, others were transported by ground ambulance. The driver of the pickup was treated at the scene for minor injuries: the news story did not indicate which driver ran the red light.

Car accident Sugar Land Grand Parkway Southwest Freeway

Photo credit: Channel 11 News

Passenger ejected, killed on US 59: drunk driving to blame say police

Police believe drunk driving was to blame for yet another fatal accident in the Houston area. At around midnight last night a 29-year old male driver and his 34-year old male passenger were traveling on the Southwest Freeway (US 59) near Edloe in a Nissan 350z sports car when the driver lost control and crashed into the concrete median. The sports car flipped over the median, rolled over, and landed in the beginning of the HOV lane, sliding down the freeway. The passenger was ejected in the accident and his body slid around 150 feet: he was pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the Nissan refused a breathalyzer test, however we are in a no refusal period through July 4th, so one way or the other police will obtain an alcohol test from the driver. Channel 13’s report of the accident is here.

The 34-year old man riding as a passenger in the Nissan 350z was pronounced dead at the scene

The Nissan flipped after hitting the median, ejecting the passenger