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3-year old girl injured on Techno Jump Ride at 2012 Houston Rodeo

A 3-year old little girl suffered a head injury and bruising to her face after being thrown from the Techno Jump Ride at RodeoHouston today. According to witnesses, the little girl’s mom decided to get off before the ride started, allowing the girl and her 8-year old brother to continue the ride without her. RodeoHouston spokesperson Sarah Poole said that the little girl crawled out from underneath the restraining bar of the Techno Jump Ride then fell to the ride’s platform. The ride had apparently just started but had not reached its operating height. The little girl was in and out of consciousness as she was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital. Ms. Poole said the girl met the height requirement for the Techno Jump Ride, and also said the ride was inspected on March 13th and passed inspection. Channel 11’s coverage of the Techno Jump incident is here. Channel 2’s report is here. The Houston Chronicle’s story is here.
Houstonians will recall that last year 47-year old Brian Greenhouse died at the 2011 Houston Rodeo when he fell 28 feet from the Hi-Miler Rollercoaster. A wrongful death lawsuit filed by Mr. Greenhouse’s family member settled for an undisclosed amount shortly before the commencement of the 2012 Houston Rodeo.

A 3-year old girl was injured when she fell from the Techno Jump Ride at the 2012 Houston Rodeo

METRO bus accident on North Freeway may have involved drunk driver

Sunday February 19, 2012: five people were hospitalized after a crash involving a METRO bus on the North Freeeway. According to officials there was an initial collision around noon between a car and a truck; the car spun around and hit the METRO bus head-on. The truck veered off the freeway where it went into the parking lot of Northline Mall and struck several other vehicles. One witness who was in a van struck by the out of control truck, Kasandra Loera, reported seeing beer in the pickup truck. One bus passenger, two people in the car and two others were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries. The driver of the truck is being investigated for possible DWI. Channel 2’s coverage of the METRO bus accident is here. Channel 2’s story identifies the truck involved as a Dodge pickup and the car that spun out and collided with the bus as a Honda Accord. Channel 13’s coverage of the crash is here.